Booking and admin software for children's extra-curricular activity providers.

Focus on what you do best.

We get it.

Our team have run children's classes for over 3 years and we know exactly how much hassle invoicing, payments, bookings, communication and instructor co-ordination is. 

We couldn't find anything good enough. So we made something ourselves; Afterskule.

Our average customer saves 80% on admin time.

Everything you can dream of, we have it.

Book Easily

Make it easy for parents to book and re-book classes online. 

Manage Enrolments

Manage students, invoices, enrolments and payments all in one place.

Manage Instructors

Effortlessly communicate with your instructors where, when and what they need to teach. 

Government Rebates

Automatically redeem Creative and Active Kids vouchers. No more manual entry and chasing up. 


SMS and email your students, parents and staff. 


Agree to terms and conditions and waiver forms, manage working with children's checks.

Used by providers of all shapes and sizes.

The Afterskule system has been incredible. It's helped us automate 90% of what we used to do by hand - so now we can focus on marketing, sales and running awesome workshops.

Joshua Brooks


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